Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Maryland

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also called “liquidation bankruptcy,” occurs when a consumer or business ask the court to discharge certain debts that are owed.

Bankruptcy was created to protect consumers and businesses from harassment by collection agencies and creditors during a period of overwhelming debt. In order to give consumers or businesses a fresh start, filing for bankruptcy may be the best option to get finances in order and move forward from financial instability.

What are Non-Dischargeable Debts?

Non dischargeable debts are debts that cannot be discharged and must still be paid, even when the consumer or business is in a bankruptcy period. Some common non-dischargeable debts include:

·        Alimony

·        Child support

·        Certain taxes

·        Educational loans

·        Fines and penalties from the government

·        Debts accrued after filing for bankruptcy

These debts need to be paid back and cannot be discharged, but by filing chapter 7 bankruptcy, paying off these debts becomes much less of a hassle, as most of your assets are liquidated and you are freed up from most other debts. Additionally, by creating a document that indicates all of your monthly expenses, you will be budgeting for these non-dischargeable debts to be paid off in full at regular intervals. Please seem my article on exempt property or assets to learn  how chapter 7 bankruptcy law allows debtors to keep a certain amount of property or assets after going through bankruptcy proceedings.

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